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Tips for increasing your average order value

December 16, 2021

There are a horde of metrics used to monitor growth—average order value (AOV) isn’t the only one, and shouldn’t be considered in isolation. But if you’re looking to boost your AOV, we’ve got you.

These tips have been organised according to different phases of the customer journey, but there’s plenty of overlap: most are applicable across various stages.


Establish a minimum order to allow customers to qualify for free shipping, and ensure this is displayed prominently across your website. (For a ballpark: consider setting this figure at 30% above your average order value.)

We also recommend offering, where possible, a fully staffed live chat. Offering immediate responses to customer queries will lead to greater trust—and fewer abandoned carts.

Collection page

Create image tiles in between your products that offer time-sensitive deals. This sense of urgency often leads to a customer adding extra items to their cart.

Product detail page

Upselling is another great way to grow your AOV. You might have products that complement each other—for instance, if a customer is browsing duvet covers, you could include sheet sets or throw blankets on the PDP, preferably close to the ‘add to cart’ button. It’s important that your upsell appears helpful and genuine, like a friend suggesting a product, rather than pushy or irrelevant.

Shopping cart

Display a free shipping threshold calculator—or a free shipping progress bar—to nudge the customer to add another item to their cart. You might also consider including complementary products on the ‘show cart’ page so that customers don’t need to backtrack before checking out.


You want as many customers as possible to become advocates of your brand, so it’s important to nurture them and keep them happy. We recommend setting up a series of automated emails, which can lead to repeat visits. Often, the greater the number of times a customer returns to your website, the more they’ll spend.

More where that came from

This is just the tip of the iceberg—and as we said, there’s plenty more than just AOV. Get in touch to talk other metrics and big-picture growth.