Performance is key in eCommerce

Boost Speed and Performance: Shopify Plus website maintenance services

Performance is key in eCommerce - and you can’t perform if your Shopify Plus website is glitchy, slow or just temperamental. How can Prosper Digital help? We’re glad you asked. Our team has the skills and knowledge to perform regular Shopify Plus website maintenance to ensure your website runs as smoothly as possible. 

Shopify Plus maintenance services for businesses of all sizes

No matter how large your eCommerce business is, a malfunctioning website or online store can prove to be a huge risk to sales and your brand's reputation with customers. At Prosper Digital, our Shopify Plus website maintenance team have experience working with bugs of all shapes and sizes, for large eCommerce sellers and small boutique brands. 


As with any online platform, Shopify Plus is constantly evolving, with regular software updates, upgrades and security patches. Our team keeps track of these changes, so they can advise clients on the updates that need to be made to keep their stores compliant to the latest standards and guidelines. However, you won’t need to worry about making these updates yourself - the team will step in to take care of all the necessary changes.


It’s one less thing you need to factor into your team’s workflow, so you can get stuck into what matters most: ensuring a fun and engaging customer experience that helps your business grow! It’s not just new updates and security measures that our Shopify Plus maintenance team will consider on your website. We’ll also deep dive into your sites performance metrics, identifying any areas for improvement and implementing strategies that improve loading times. Maintenance should always be ongoing - the best way to prevent any serious issues with your site is to keep it in top shape.


Ongoing maintenance services for your Shopify Plus website

Maintenance services are ongoing at Prosper Digital - our team is there for you through implementation, upgrades and beyond. If you wake up to find that something has broken on your site overnight, don’t hesitate to call. Our team can help troubleshoot the issue, finding a solid solution that will ensure you’re back to operating at full speed, and dive in to determine what broke and why, so it doesn’t happen again.

Let’s work together

Ready for slow site speeds and malfunctioning websites to be a thing of the past? We’re ready to help! As well as our Shopify Plus website maintenance service, our team can take care of a range of Shopify updates and upgrades, including: 

– Successful site migration from Magento to Shopify Plus

Upgrading to Shopify Plus

– Shopify Plus site design and development, UX and UI site design

Shopify Plus site integrations

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