A custom-built theme to align with global brand direction while offering flexibility.
Conversion Rate Optimisation UX/UI Design Website Build

The problem

Theme limitations hindering Toms Australia from aligning with global brand directions.

The solution

A custom built theme with ample configuration settings for a flexible theme appearance, coupled with a UX review to ensure global direction is fit for the Australian customer.

The result

A website that visually aligns with global brand direction, is simple to update and maintain resulting in less development costs, plus +27% YoY revenue.


  • Integrating Gift Card functionality with Pronto ERP allowing a single view of the customer.
  • Extending the colour swatch selector on the product page.

From the


“Retail Prodigy Group (RPG) is proud to partner with Prosper Digital who are a one-stop-shop able to support all our digital needs with TOMS Australia.

Like a true partnership the Prosper team feels like they are an extension to the RPG team focussed on the same goals and objectives and most importantly there is a high level of trust based on honest communication and feedback.”

Trevor Stitt, Group Marketing Manager