The Memo

The Memo

Creating moments of joy on Shopify Plus.
Development Integrations Shopify Plus UX/UI Design

The problem

The Memo needed to revitalize their eCommerce presence, balancing product showcase and educational content, while embedding moments of joy throughout the customer journey.

The solution

In this exciting venture with The Memo, we focused on creating a digital experience that resonates with their audience:

  • – Rebuilding the technical foundations on Shopify Plus, ensuring a seamless and scalable eCommerce platform.
  • – Integrating with SearchSpring to provide empowered search functionality, enhancing user experience and product discovery.
  • – Crafting a shopping experience that reflects The Memo's values, seamlessly blending educational content with product offerings.
  • – Incorporating thoughtful design elements to create those special moments of joy for their customers.

The result

The relaunch of The Memo's online store has been a resounding success. Marked by an increase in conversion rates and average order value (AOV), the project stands as a testament to our ability to merge technical prowess with a deep understanding of brand values and customer experience.


  • Successfully increasing conversion rates and AOV, proving the effectiveness of our approach in eCommerce development.
  • Creating a custom design which doesn’t feel like other available themes on Shopify Plus
  • Balancing product display and educational content, providing a rich and informative shopping experience.
  • Creating an online store that's not just a place to shop but an experience that aligns with The Memo's commitment to their customers.
  • Reducing technical debt and improving ease of content management for the Memo team.

From the


The great humans at Prosper Digital were tasked with bringing the new look for the brand to life, creating a new shopping experience that reflected our values, while respecting the core tenets of eCommerce UX. And we couldn't be happier with the result!

Wesley Rodrick, Brand & E-Commerce Specialist, The Memo