Open Colleges

Open Colleges

Transforming the online enrolment experience for online education provider Open Colleges on Shopify Plus.
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The problem

Open Colleges came to us not just with a challenge, but with a vision for students to start a course the same day they enrol online. They were grappling with technical constraints and an outdated CMS, which hindered their ability to offer a seamless and engaging research journey for students. The existing web design was failing to meet the high standards of modern education providers, failing to delight students. 

They needed a partner who could understand and elevate their digital experience in the competitive world of online education.

The solution

As a Shopify Plus eCommerce agency with expertise in education web development, we partnered with Open Colleges to:

  • – Reimagining the entire research experience, turning it into an engaging and intuitive journey for students.
  • – Conduct comprehensive research and empathy mapping to deeply understand user needs and wants.
  • – Craft emotive user journeys, leveraging our skills as an eCommerce agency to delight & convert potential students.
  • – Update the Information Architecture (IA) to help users easily research relevant courses.
  • – Collaborating closely with Blink Agency, weaving Open Colleges’ rebrand seamlessly into every digital touchpoint in this education web design.
  • – Developing a custom Shopify Plus checkout experience, tailored to the specific requirements of online education enrollment.
  • – Integrate with Panorama to support student onboarding, a testament to our ability to integrate with a range of platforms.

The result

Post-launch, Open Colleges, with our support as a Shopify Plus agency, witnessed a staggering 400% growth in sales, with over 300 orders in the first 90 days. Their conversion rate soared from 0.04% to 0.1%, a significant achievement in the field of education eCommerce website development.


  • Collaboarting with a range of departments across the OC team
  • Introduction and training of the Open Colleges team on using Shopify Plus, affirming our position as a leading Shopify Plus e-commerce agency.
  • In-depth user understanding developed throughout the project.
  • Seamless integration with CRM Panorama, allowing Open Colleges to collect payments across both platforms, highlighting our capabilities as an education eCommerce website development company.
  • Collaboration with Blink Agency in rolling out their rebrand.