Nood Co

Nood Co

A replatformed, multi-region online store for a Perth-based retailer.
UX/UI Design Website Migration

The problem

An existing WordPress website that was buggy and time-consuming to maintain.

The solution

Three standalone Shopify websites across three continents with an easy-to-use custom theme. This allowed Nood Co to execute on their international strategy across the United States and Europe while increasing sales in Australia.

The result

A 20% increase in year-on-year sales after the first week of launch.


  • Use of GEO-IP routing worldwide based on specific requirements across each country due to trading agreements.
  • Customisation of store locator, including the ability for customers to easily locate flagship stores.
  • Storage of user-generated content in an S3 bucket, which is automatically pushed out to each standalone Shopify store's product page.
  • Exceeded configurable product limitations, allowing SKUs to change based on each configuration to match the inventory management system.

From the


"How do I say this eloquently as possible. F**k yes!!!"

Matt Di Costa, Director, Nood Co