Michael Arthur Diamonds

Michael Arthur Diamonds

A personalised solution to allow customers to design engagement rings online.
Art Direction & Production UX/UI Design Website Migration

The problem

Bringing engagement rings—a highly personal, sentimental purchase—and their customised design online.

The solution

A Shopify website integrated with a diamond API, providing real-time diamond prices, videos and images, allowing customers to build the engagement ring of their dreams with confidence.

The result

An unmatched customer experience using a cutting-edge ring builder—and a full return on their website build in just 50 days.


  • Construction of our own API to overcome limitations with the diamond supplier’s API. Our custom-built interface sits on top, utilising Cloudflare to enable a live diamond feed from which the customer can choose to add to their ring.
  • Created a way to sidestep the limitations of 250 images per product by storing images in an S3 bucket for each engagement ring product. We also created a dynamic ring image carousel which changes based on the options selected for the custom ring.

From the


"We had an extremely complex website idea in mind so we contacted the team at Prosper, who held our hand through every step and were able to produce exactly what we were after. Thank you so much again, team—we really appreciate all the hard work put in to make this dream a reality! HIGHLY recommend!"

Michael Fallah, Director, Michael Arthur