Kip & Co 3D Bed Builder

Kip & Co 3D Bed Builder

Gamify styling your bedroom & bedsheets. Bringing the 3D Bed Visualiser to life.

3D Visualisation Development Interactive Design Shopify Plus UX/UI Design

The problem

Kip & Co offers a range of fun and bold prints. Some users struggle to mix and match these effectively leading to returns & abandoned baskets. They wanted to offer an interactive, fun, and intuitive way for customers to visualize bedding combinations, aiming to increase conversions and customer satisfaction.

The solution

Leveraging our expertise in Shopify Plus and interactive design, we created a tool that's a blend of functionality and creativity:

  • – An intuitive 3D Bed Visualiser Tool, integrating seamlessly into the Shopify Plus platform.
  • – A mobile-first approach allowing users to bundle and design from where they shop most
  • – A user-friendly interface that allows customers to mix and match, play with prints, and style their room effortlessly.
  • – A platform that not only serves the functional purpose but also encapsulates the fun and vibrant spirit of the Kip&Co brand.

The result

The Kip & Co Bed Builder marked a significant leap for the business in the home decor industry. We've seen impressive improvements in customer engagement and business metrics, with the tool becoming a key driver of Kip&Co's online success.


  • Providing an engaging and creative shopping experience, allowing customers to become their own stylists with the Bed Builder.
  • Enhancing decision-making for customers, leading to improved conversion rates and a decrease in product returns.
  • Increasing the average basket size by encouraging customers to explore and visualize complete bedding sets.
  • Elevating Kip&Co’s brand as a destination for home styling, fun, and color, enhancing their market position in home decor.
  • Demonstrating our ability to integrate innovative, user-focused solutions seamlessly with Shopify Plus, reinforcing our commitment to creating unique and memorable online experiences.
  • Flexibility for Kip&co to manage the builder inhouse with seasonal drops.