Shopify Plus website design for your brand by Prosper Digital

Prosper Digital is here to help you guide your customers through a well-designed Shopify Plus website that will improve their user experience for your online store.

Storytelling through Shopify Plus web design

We delve into the heart of your brand, understanding its purpose, values and goals. From there, we work on creating a digital masterpiece - an online store that connects and inspires your target audience.

Think of it this way: your Shopify Plus website is your brand's flagship location online. It's the first impression, the silent salesperson, and the ultimate destination for conversion.

Our Shopify Plus design services

Beautiful design is essential, but usability is king. We believe an online store should be a user-friendly experience that’s simple to navigate. Our user-centric design approach ensures flawless navigation, clear information architecture, and a frictionless experience that keeps your customers engaged and moving towards that coveted "Add to Cart" button. These designs include:


Product listings that showcase your offerings in a visually stunning yet understandable way.


Clear calls to action that guide customers effortlessly through the purchase journey.


An intuitive checkout process that provides a simple and user-friendly design for your Shopify Plus website.


Hire a Shopify Plus designer

An accessible site is good because it improves everyone’s experience when looking through your online store across all devices, from desktops to smartphones and tablets. No matter how your customers browse, they'll experience a consistent and captivating brand experience.



A mobile-optimised store that's as visually stunning and user-friendly on a smartphone as it is on a desktop.


Intuitive navigation is designed with the input of your users and competitors.


Fast loading times and optimised images that keep your mobile visitors engaged and ready to convert.

Shopify Plus eCommerce

design agency

We don't just design beautiful websites; we design websites that sell. Our conversion-focused approach incorporates strategic calls to action, intuitive product flows, and a streamlined checkout process. We guide your visitors effortlessly through the sales funnel, maximising their chances of becoming loyal customers.
Think of it as:


A customised user journey with strategically placed buttons and banners to help with browsing the website at the right moments. 


Product pages that show features and benefits, driving purchase decisions.

  • Shopify’s checkout process provides one of the highest conversions in the marketplace. Providing minimal steps and clear instructions, their design minimises cart abandonment.

Let’s work together

We’re here to help you improve your brand through designing Shopify Plus websites. We’re dedicated to ensuring that your Shopify Plus website gets the help that it needs to give your brand room for growth. We also provide services for Magento to Shopify Plus migration, upgrades, website design and development, website integration, website maintenance, and designing UI/UX. Contact Prosper Digital today, and let's unlock the power of Shopify Plus web design together.